The Chronicles of Sekhmet
on Olmecra


a Self-Initiation guide

for the

Womban Evolving Everyday

by indigo ptah

Seekers Level 1.0

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The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra

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First edition March 2021

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Column1: Energy is Everything

em Hotep Womban Evolving Everyday!

Before starting this column.... take into deep consideration/meditation the word ENERGY???

The Guide is Not meant to be a science course. But rather, emphasizes how important it is that the Womban Evolving Everyday, W.E.E... embraces the concept that everything revolves around multiple forms of Energy. For instance, here is a list of womb-energies especially designed to impact the Womban Evolving Everyday:

All the energies listed above are of Vibration and Rhythm as described in Tehuti's 7-Principles of the Universe (seek).

So, let's start at the beginning... according to The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra: the beginning there is Energy. Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything. The U-n-I-niverse is made of Cosmic-Energy. Earth is made of Molecular-Energy. And Womban is the combination of the two...”

Expanding on the above concept for this column; W.E.E... innerStand how energy is multi-dimensional. Such that there R levels and shifts to how spectrum of light is created. For clarification, “spectrum of light” is what W.E.E... see with the first and secondary eyes. It is also what W.E.E... experience and interacts with. Without “Light Energy”, there is no “Earthly Experience.”

The concept of Cosmic-Energy, for the purposes of The Guide, is a domain (main location) that resonates in Earth's orbits. The cosmos are where energy connects with Mother Earth; from Her orbits to Womben Evolving Everyday... by way of Her womb.

In a more generalist way of thinking; The Guide suggests Cosmic-Energy can be simply associated with what is called Spirit. The Kemetic (ancient Nubian Egypt) name for Spirit is KA. Many times, The Guide will describe Cosmic-Energy as Spirit/KA. Stop-And-Seek!

Energy has long been associated with Spirituality. For instance, there is a story of Adam and Eve in modern day Christian biblical scriptures. But The Guide describes a more ancient teaching that explains that Earth is made of Atoms (Adam) and Electrons (Eve)... molecular-energy.

Don't Miss this really cool part...
Electrons (Eve) charge the Atom (Adam)!

As described in The Guide, Spirit-Energy can resonate on a positive, negative or neutral level. So that Creative Energy on Earth is the purest balance of cosmic inputs (Spirit/KA) for material endeavors. Whatever W.E.E. want on Earth; can be achieved if it aligns with the cosmos. But a chaotic environment impacts Earth's vibrations. And chaos is not healthy to the divine feminine (Divi9 Femi9) womb.

Unfortunately, chaotic vibrations have been beating down the Divi9 Femi9 for many centuries; because W.E.E have fallen asleep to Her true nature, Nurturing Energy. This is why W.E.E... must reMember (put back together) what is already inside Her; to get back to Who She Is and What She Is here to do.

The Nurturing-Energy is connected to a unique ability to possess Empathic-Energy. When cosmic and earthly wombs are fully powered up; W.E.E... can actually feel everything in Her environment... at all times. This is not unlike how some mothers will describe they can tell when their children are feeling a certain kind of way... miles away. Every bit/byte of data, ever existed in earthly-wombs, is stored in the cosmic-wombs for eternity. And a constant connection to the cosmic-wombs is powered by Empathic-Energy.

Intuition-Energy is used by the earth-wombs as a guide through earthly environments. But keep in mind: the ways and means of the U-n-I-niverse are not to be translated directly using linear thought.

Linear thought is a modern concept for applying personal agenda to closed-minded situations. Linear thought is neither logical... or works well with free-thinking beings. Even though linear thought is a popularly taught mindset; it Does Not expand beyond point to point thinking. It's like thinking in a straight line... in 1 direction only. Here are examples of linear thinking:

-believing something without applying common sense to the thought;

-making assumptions about something/someone without good evidence;

-thoughts based in fear;

-scarcity model thinking (believing there is not enough).

Non-spiritual religion can be a good example of linear thinking. When a group of people follow a single principle; and adversely judge anyone else who doesn't follow that principle; linear thinking is being practiced. Thoughts with no dimensional levels or shifts; refuse to connect to reality. And constitute flat, closed minded thinking.

Therefore, W.E.E... must be very careful to Not underestimate linear thinking constructs. There may be times when W.E.E... will need to try and relate to one-dimensional situations. But W.E.E... are multi-dimensional beings. Therefore, linear thinking hardly ever applies to Womben Evolving Everyday.

The Guide will help to explain that Intuition-Energy can be powered by W.E.E... chipping away at institutional baggage; and reMembering. Gnow That eMotions do not hold back Womben Evolving Everyday. Instead, eMotions R Her super-power of energy in motion.

Pulling together concepts of multi-dimensional energies provides W.E.E... with the potential to create and execute anything. But W.E.E... must recognize the proper order, levels and shifts; for organizing the energies to make progressive change.

This version of The Guide is not totally inclusive of all kinds of potential and kinetic energy the Womban Evolving Everyday experiences. Evolving is a special kind of change. Evolving involves creating Ascension Change... change that brings about higher thought (potential energy) and actions (kinetic energy). Seek how...

So, for The Guide; Column1 presents a quick overview of how and why “Energy Is Everything.” And will emphasize how important an innerStanding of Energy is. But if any of the concepts in Column1 go over the reader's head... re-reading with a little meditating and/or seeking should help.

Other suggestions for assistance in innerStanding Column1 include making a Mother Ship Connection (start a discussion on the author's page seeker's portal or ask a Master Teacher for deeper explanations).

The first column principles are not meant for discouragement. But Gnow That the next eight columns build from the innerStanding that Energy is Everything.


Do the Work,
Stay on the Path,
and Never Go Back to Sleep.”

the practice:

Find personal examples of the following types of energies:

List additional types of energies you have experienced.

Pick the personal energy listed in Column1.1-Seek that is your major strength. Journal why it is your major strength; and how you use the energy as a Womban Evolving Everyday.

Complete the following Acknowledge-Accept-Affirm statements that align with you:

“I Acknowledge energy is


“I Accept using my womb-energy is


“I Affirm I will use my womb-energies for


If Not ready to Acknowledge-Accept-Affirm womb-energy just yet; no worries. The Guide's primary goal is innerStanding. So just move on to the next column. Every Womban Evolves in Her own time in space.

be about evolving everyday!