The Chronicles of Sekhmet
on Olmecra


a Self-Initiation guide

for the

Womban Evolving Everyday

by indigo ptah

Seekers Level 1.0

guide 2 innerStanding

The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra

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First edition March 2021

Cover designed by Z. P. Foy

Column0: Awaken and Let Me Ride

em Hotep Womban Evolving Everyday!

If you are an Evolving SiStar; this guide (The Guide) will Not tell you anything you don't already know.

The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra is a collection of fictional events rolled into a novella story. But Gnow That (know that) ... it is the imagination that makes it real.

To keep from having to constantly clarify that the writer is Not trying to setup any axioms or particular truths... going forward in The Guide; Gnow That the writings are self-described as “how things are” in The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra.”

The Guide is for:

The Rejected
The Seeker
The Adept
The Alchemist
and The Master Teacher

The higher thought insight, alternate descriptions and non-linear explanations in The Guide are designed to move The Rejected to the path of The Seeker. The Adept will find content to consider on Her way to The Alchemist. And The Master Teacher will sit back and enjoy the journey of the S-heroes in the book The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra.

If you haven't already figured it out;The Guide uses the term Womban/Womben to describe the Ones who carry the womb. This guide is Not about any type of hierarchical judgments or prejudice. Other beings have already done that. And W omben Evolving Everyday are Not going to worry about that or them. There will be many terms and concepts in The Guide that go beyond what is traditionally taught. So... Stay Focused, Don't Get Distracted!

Gnow That... Within the Womban Evolving Everyday (W.E.E.)are all the answers... to all Her questions. She just has to awaken to them.

The content in this guide is nothing new. In fact, it is over 4,000 years old. And it is beyond time for the Everyday Evolving Womban to continue on Her path of unfolding/unlocking the treasure that won't only save H erself... but Her community, Her planet and Her Universe (U-n-I-niverse).

The Guide is designed for a relaxed read through the concepts with an opened mind. There will be opportunities for the reader to stop and do research (seek); in an effort of self-initiating the knowledge within.

See the Seek icon:

For those new to concepts in The Guide; the reading will definitely engage a Stop-And-Seek response. Re-Member, Womben Evolving Everyday already have all the answers. The Guide is merely a tool to encourage personal self'-initiation to The Journey. As the Goddess instructs in The Chronicle of Sekhmet on Olmecra Book 2

Do the Work, Stay on the Path,
and Never Go Back to Sleep.”

Gnow That... symbolism must be in the practice of the Womban Evolving Everyday, (W.E.E). One bit of symbolism that the guide will use for organizing concepts is the “goddess-column” for separating topics. Columns have long been used to symbolize the Womban in her “whole” aspect.

In this guide are 9-topic-columns; uniquely presented for the practice of the Womban Evolving Everyday (W.E.E.) These 9-topic-columns provide a reader of the novellas better innerStanding how the Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra are designed to be enjoyed. Here is a listing of all columns in The Guide:

Column1: Energy is Everything

Column2: The Universal Puzzle

Column3: When the Teacher Appears

Column4: The Shift

Column5: Truth Proven Evidence

Column6: The Self-Initiate Journey

Column7: Balance 4 Peace

Column8: Sovereignty is Safe

Column9: Evolving Everyday Practice

InnerStanding these primary columns will provide a means to ascend the simple levels described in the books. And will help the reader shift in Her thinking from what most are taught and trained about who the Womban is... and what's on Her Path.

Yes, W.E.E... are very multi-dimensional beings.
When W.E.E. see the whole picture...
W.E.E. Awaken.

Another note: because some columns in The Guide are of such ancient nature; terms and concepts may only be properly described or associated with language outside English words. As part of The Guide; a glossary of terms for Books 1 & 2 are included. But The Guide will also attempt to point out unfamiliar terms for cross-association. For instance, at points in The Guide, numbers and single-letters will be used in place of words. As described in The Chronicle of Sekhmet on Olmecra; the ancients didn't use vowels in their glyphs. And in the next column content; an innerStanding how energy can be mastered will be explained. So that The Guide requires an exercising of the mind for techniques on reading between the lines of English; to grasp ancient culture... Seek.

Not only can The Guide be a blue-print for W.E.E. self-initiation. But like in the book The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra; The Guide can be used to gain/obtain/sustain what is described in the book as:

Connection, Direction, Protection.

The Mother Ship is taking on passengers who are ready for The Journey.

Swing down sweet chariot Stop and... let me ride…