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New Moon Week

2022 Week#1

This New Moon starts on Jumampili (Sun), 1/2. And this week's Affirmation with Meditation theme, continues for 7 days until the 1st QTR Moon.

  • 1/02 - Jumapili (Sun)
  • 1/03 - Jumatatu (Mon)
  • 1/04 - Jumanne (Tue)
  • 1/05 - Jumatano (Wed)
  • 1/06 - Alhamisi (Thu)
  • 1/07 - Ijuma (Fri)
  • 1/08 - Jumamoisi (Sat)
3rd QTR Moon

This Lunar Phase

New Consciousness Refection

A New Solar Cycle can bring awakening.

Mother Earth offers opportunity.

If ready, embrace the quantum leap.

Time to move on.

NTR Syncs include:

Winter Soltice Week#3

Rebirth Week#2

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Week's Affirmations

Expand the Mind
Time 4 a Leap
re-evaluating connections.
Time 4 a Leap
testing things make sense.
Time 4 a Leap
releasing inhibitors .
Time 4 a Leap
holding on 2 reason.
Kemetic chess game

How To Do

Affirmations with Meditation?

Here are some quick tips.

  1. Set the lighting in the room.
  2. Get the affirmations ready.
  3. Get comfortable.
  4. Breathe-Affirm-Repeat.

For more details on the practice, click here.

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Sync Up Your Days, Sync Up Your Mind

The Kemetic Lunar Calendar is the oldest evidence of a civilization's tracking of time. However, the Kemetians used both a solar and lunar calendars for which ever purposes were necessary. Balance was very important to the Kemites.


Kemetic Studies Blog
Kemet Experience
Grandmother Moon
1st Calendar System by Womben

moons at weekly glance

How 2 Do Affirmations with Meditation

The objective of doing affirmations with meditation is to set a strong intention before going into a meditative state.

When trying to manifest something in life; saying the affirmations into the universe is an attempt to align the mind with the spirit.

1st: Let the lights be soft in the room. Candle light only is good for this.

next: Get the affirmations ready to read (without wifi signal is best).

next: Settle in a comfortable safe space.

next: Read the weekly (4) affirmations; and try to remember them... just a little bit.

next: Close the eyes:

Repeat going through all four affirmations as many times as comfortable before going into quiet meditation.

reMember: It's always OK to open the eyes during meditation... even to read the affirmations again.

And that's it.

Be comfortable with the affirmations because they become intentions during meditation.

Change up the affirmations as they fit the intention.

Send questions, suggestions and ideas my way via indigoptah@ufscm.com.

Start this New Solar Cycle with a Quantum Leap!

em hotep!